Packaging design positioning

- May 07, 2019-

The design of the packaging is like positioning the artist to determine the route of the art, and finding the right route is likely to be a hit. Finding the right design style for the package is to find a market-approved living space for the product.

Market positioning:

The market positioning of packaging design needs to first determine the position of the goods in the market, and the market positioning of the goods is usually determined by the merchant.


1, product grade; 2, market selection; 3, placement

Consumer positioning:

Accurate consumer positioning can capture consumers as much as possible, and the consumer groups targeted by the products are usually determined by the merchants.

1, gender age; 2, hobbies; 3, purchasing ability

Design style positioning:

The style of packaging design is ever-changing. How to find the right direction and determine the style at the beginning of design is also the key to the success of design expression.

1. The nature of the product itself; 2. The design and expression of similar products; 3. The preferences of consumers; 4. The place of sale of goods