Packaging design process

- May 16, 2019-

The life of a commercial package begins with getting the order, then designing, producing, packaging, selling, and then recycling or recycling after use. In this long life cycle, design is just a small part of it. . Although it is impossible to determine whether a product can successfully reach the consumer, it actually affects the success rate of sales.

Market research and analysis

Market research can be divided into two types, one is periodic and extensive, and the other is temporary and targeted. It needs to be analyzed after detailed data investigation.


1. The selling point of the goods; 2. The life cycle of the expected goods; 3. How to establish the image of the goods; 4. The purpose of purchase, consumption expectations and consumption status

Design ideas and sketches

At the beginning of the creative design of packaging design, it is first necessary to clarify the scope of packaging design. According to the characteristics of different commodities, the focus of packaging creativity is different.

1, visual performance; 2, structural changes; 3, the uniqueness of the container shape

Design effect and production

The packaging design is different from other flat design. Although the design is carried out on the package development drawing, it is a flat visual effect, but the finished product is three-dimensional.

1, three-dimensional renderings; 2, model performance; 3, printing materials