Packaging design strategy

- May 11, 2019-

Every time we walk into the supermarket and face a huge number of goods, there is always an inexplicable excitement. This is the packaging that plays a role!

Marketing strategy

Packaging is the ultimate goal of sales. To achieve this goal, not only good package design but also a clear marketing strategy is needed.


1. Good recognition; 2. Clearly targeted;

brand strategy

Successful brands have good recognition and unique personality, and their brand image is impressive, allowing consumers to choose without hesitation. The market is no longer simply a market that competes with quantity or quality, but a market that competes with brands.

1. Trust and satisfaction; 2. Logo and color; 3. Natural association

Environmental strategy

In the commercial society, goods are inseparable at any time, and packaging is also growing along with the development of commerce. The goods in modern society are almost inseparable from packaging. In the face of such a market environment, many people point the direction of environmental pollution to packaging, so in this case the concept of "green packaging" has entered the public's sight.

1, packaging materials; 2, production process; 3, recycling; 4, concept propaganda