Plastic dosage

- Feb 07, 2019-

The annual output of plastics in China is 30 million tons, and the consumption is over 6 million tons. If the plastic bag is calculated according to the annual waste of 15% plastic, the annual plastic waste in the world is 15 million tons. The annual plastic waste in China is over 1 million tons, and the proportion of waste plastic in garbage accounts for 40%. The waste plastic is buried underground as garbage, which undoubtedly puts more pressure on the arable land that is already lacking.

While plastics bring convenience to people's lives, they also bring unpredictable troubles to the environment. People call the disaster caused by plastics to the environment as "white pollution."

In many countries, waste plastics are disposed of by incineration (thermal energy regeneration) or reprocessing (product regeneration). These two methods enable the recycling of waste plastics and save resources. However, since waste plastics generate harmful gases and pollute the environment during incineration or reprocessing, it can be said that the disposal of waste plastics is still a major headache in environmental protection work.