Color Selection Of Food Packaging

- Feb 27, 2019-

With the accelerated pace of life, in the face of a large number of goods, consumers first noticed the outer packaging with novel and unique colors. Color has the purpose of promoting goods and attracting consumers' attention. Therefore, in the design of commodity packaging, we should master the use of color, let the color highlight the identity of the product, and quickly seize the eye of the consumer.

The design of food packaging bags uses color to have a positive effect on promotion, mainly due to the psychological effects of various colors on people.

The general rule of food packaging is to use as vivid a rich color as possible. Emphasize the taste with red, yellow, orange, etc., highlighting the freshness, taste and nutrition of food; indicating the hygiene and coolness of food with blue and white; showing the purity and safety of food with transparent or colorless; displaying food (if vegetable) with green Fresh, non-polluting; with the calm and simple color to illustrate the history and magic of traditional food crafts; red, gold to indicate the noble and value of food. In addition, green should be used with caution in foods that are prone to mold, such as meat products, egg products, and breads and pastries. Natural and beautiful foods are best used in colorless and transparent packaging.