The Development Trend Of Plastic Packaging Bags

- Mar 31, 2019-

1: Sterile and antibacterial packaging.

Sterile packaging is a method of sterilizing and packaging packaging products or packaging materials in a sterile environment using various sterilization or sterilization techniques. The composite materials are often packaged by different forms of extrusion and composite molding. It has the advantages of better maintaining product composition, extending shelf life, saving energy, reducing packaging costs, and easy to achieve environmentally friendly packaging. The "antibacterial" is packaged with antibacterial polymer packaging materials to inhibit bacterial contamination, which will become a product. One of the directions of the flexible packaging.

2: High barrier packaging.

High barrier packaging is to use materials with excellent barrier properties to prevent gas, moisture, light, microorganisms, etc. from entering the package to ensure the effectiveness of the product. The application of high barrier packaging has become very common in Europe and Japan, and China has introduced high-barrier packaging such as VMPET AL NY since the 1980s, but its development is slow. Therefore, the development of high barrier material packaging is a major trend in China's pharmaceutical flexible packaging.

3: Green "packaging. The "green" packaging of the product refers to the packaging that can be recycled to the ecological environment and the packaging materials can be recycled. After the ISO14000 standard, the development of "green" packaging becomes a necessary work. Plastic packaging bags The manufacturers actively develop and develop high-tech projects, such as the development of environmental protection, thinning and special-purpose flexible packaging materials; vigorously develop and popularize new environmentally-friendly packaging materials that can be recycled, degradable and return to nature, and incinerated without polluting the atmosphere.